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Tom Coughlin and Brian Coughlin at Wine Gala

Bedell Firm Is Participating Sponsor in Jay Fund Wine Tasting Gala

The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund hosted its annual Wine Tasting Gala in downtown Jacksonville this March. The event was an opportunity for the attorneys of …

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Attorneys and paralegals at Bedell Firm smile

History Spotlight: Bedell Firm

The law firm of Bedell, Dittmar, DeVault, Pillans & Coxe, P.A. recently celebrated a 150-year milestone, making the Bedell Firm the oldest law firm in …

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Andrea Bailey smiles and looks down. A gray Bedell Firm logo is to her right

Paralegal Spotlight: Andrea U. Bailey

Andrea Bailey joined the Bedell Firm in 1992 and has become an integral part of the firm over the last 26 years. Andrea provides support …

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Someone wearing a smart watch taps at the screen of their watch

Wearable Technologies Can Make a Difference in Personal Injury and Other Cases

Any accessory that has the ability to connect to the internet and enable data to be exchanged between a network and the device is considered …

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Attorney Michael Lockamy smiles. Text on image reads: "Attorney Spotlight: Michael Lockamy" and the Bedell Firm logo at the bottom

Attorney Spotlight: Michael Lockamy

Attorney Michael Lockamy specializes in civil litigation, legal malpractice defense, personal injury, employment discrimination, and family law. He has been repeatedly recognized as a rising …

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Al Brooke Reviews “The Brain Defense" | The Bedell Firm

Al Brooke Reviews “The Brain Defense: Murder in Manhattan and the Dawn of Neuroscience in America’s Courtrooms”

Al Brooke reviewed “The Brain Defense: Murder in Manhattan and the Dawn of Neuroscience in America’s Courtrooms” in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers …

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Four dogs racing

Constitutional Amendments: Prepare and Study Before Voting

Brian Coughlin was featured as a guest writer in the Jacksonville Daily Record discussing the 2018 general election. In this article, Brian summarizes each proposed …

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Brian Coughlin wears a graduation robe and poses with his parents

Brian Coughlin Featured in The Daily Record

Lawyer Brian Coughlin was featured in an article in The Jacksonville Daily Record. This article discusses Brian’s path to law, his involvement with the Tom Coughlin Jay …

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Hank Coxe sits against a podium outside of the Bedell Firm building

Hank Coxe Featured in The Daily Record

Lawyer Hank Coxe was featured in an article in The Jacksonville Daily Record. In this article, Hank discusses how his law career began, pro bono …

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Erica L. Cruzat. a paralegal at the Bedell Firm, is smiling in an office

Paralegal Spotlight: Erica L. Cruzat

Erica L. Cruzat joined the Bedell Firm in August of 2003. As a valued member of the criminal litigation team for 15 years, Erica has assisted our criminal defense attorneys in a number of high-profile cases, and her unflagging dedication and attention to detail have been invaluable in securing positive outcomes for many of our clients.

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Attorney O. David Barksdale smiles. The blue Bedell Firm logo is to his left

Lawyer Spotlight: O. David Barksdale

O. David Barksdale joined the Bedell Firm as a partner in 1999 after working as a division chief and homicide team member at the State …

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Courtney Williams smiles. The blue Bedell Firm logo is to her left

Attorney Spotlight: Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams works as an attorney at The Bedell Firm. She joined the firm in 2016 and her primary practice areas are complex commercial litigation …

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Gwandos Ward 23rd year as Jaguar season-ticket holder

Bedell Law Firm Staff Featured in Jaguars/Fox Sports Promotion Video

Being a part of Jacksonville for as long as we have means our roots run deep in this city. Recently, one of our staff members …

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Scale of Justice and gavel

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

In the mid-1980s, sentencing in federal criminal cases became a partly mathematical process, when Congress formed the United States Sentencing Commission. The goal of Congress …

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Ashley Wells Cox smiles. The blue Bedell Firm logo is to her right

Attorney Spotlight: Ashley Wells Cox

Attorney Ashley Wells Cox serves as senior counsel at Bedell Firm, specializing in family law, criminal defense, Florida Bar disciplinary defense, and administrative licensure defense …

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Father and daughter holding hands walking down a path

Child Custody and Timesharing: How Are Decisions Made?

Making decisions regarding custody and timesharing is the most difficult part of a divorce with children. Depending on the nature of the separation and how …

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John G. Woodlee smiles

Attorney Spotlight: John G. Woodlee

As the oldest law firm in Florida, the Bedell Law Firm has a well-established tradition of excellence in federal and state litigation. Among our firm’s …

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Three professionals' hands placed on a desk. One hand is holding a pen and writing on a contract

Breach of Contract: What Happens Now?

Breach of contract is the failure of one of the parties involved to live up to the terms of the contract. The person who suffered …

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Bedell Firm Group Photo

Best Lawyers in America Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jacksonville, FL (September 21, 2017) — Seven lawyers from the Bedell Firm were named to the Best Lawyers in America for 2018: …

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Brian Coughlin in a white button town in a green tie holding a pen. A blue Bedell Firm logo is shown to his right.

Attorney Spotlight: Brian T. Coughlin

Attorney Brian Coughlin joined the Bedell Law Firm in March 2007. As one of northeast Florida’s promising young attorneys, Brian specializes in matters of criminal …

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