Estates & Trust Litigation

Bedell Estates Trust Litigation

The Bedell Firm represents personal representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries of estates and trusts in litigation involving the validity and interpretation of wills and trusts, claims on behalf of or against estates and trusts, and claims against personal representatives or trustees regarding the performance of their duties.


  • Counsel for the personal representative and trustee of a testamentary trust to defend claims that he was not entitled to an award of fees because he had a conflict of interest and had committed fraud on the court.
  • Counsel for a personal representative and trustee of a multi-million dollar testamentary trust in a surcharge action based on alleged mishandling of trust assets.
  • Counsel for the personal representative of the estate of a deceased wife to oppose the husband’s claims for an elective share and a family allowance on the ground that the husband had misused the wife’s funds.
  • Counsel for heirs of their deceased father to defend claims by his second wife for breach of an antenuptial agreement and a testamentary trust by failing to provide sufficient funds for her maintenance and support.
  • Counsel for one of three beneficiaries of a trust established by the mother of the beneficiaries against a claim that the beneficiary represented by the firm had used undue influence to cause the mother to make three amendments to the trust in his favor as a residuary beneficiary.