Professional Malpractice Defense

Bedell Professional Malpractice Defense

Representing professionals against claims of legal, engineering, accounting, and architectural malpractice has been a practice of the Bedell Firm for decades. Bedell attorneys have developed a comprehensive knowledge base to handle the unique claims professionals face. The firm’s initial approach, recognizing the sensitive nature of the claim to the professional and the potential for disruption of his or her business, is to prepare the case at the outset with the aim to have it dismissed or disposed of by summary judgment.

In additional to litigation in the courts, the firm also represents lawyers in disciplinary proceedings brought by The Florida Bar, involving matters ranging from alleged ex parte communications with represented parties, mishandling of trust account funds, to inadequate or inappropriate communications with clients.

Featured Experience

  • Counsel for lawyer and law firm in a bifurcated legal malpractice case. Bedell attorneys obtained a defense jury verdict in the damages phase, which was affirmed on appeal.
  • Counsel for lawyer and law firm in case involving a conflict of interests. After more than two weeks of trial, the parties achieved a satisfactory resolution of their claims.
  • Counsel for large personal injury law firm in a case involving an allegation of a missed statute of limitations. Bedell attorneys assisted in successfully negotiating a confidential settlement.
  • Counsel for a lawyer who had been court appointed as an attorney-ad-litem for an estate and whose actions were later challenged by a claimed heir. The firm obtained summary judgment for its lawyer-client.
  • Counsel for lawyer in a case involving an allegation of a missed international filing deadline. Bedell attorneys assisted in successfully resolving all claims.