Bedell Firm Sponsors 2022 Great Fire Run

Bedell Firm team members at 2022 Great Fire Run

In commemoration of Jacksonville’s Great Fire, the Bedell Firm sponsored the Jacksonville Bicentennial Great Fire Run, hosted by the Jacksonville Historical Society. The race followed the outline of the Great Fire boundary that occurred on May 3, 1901. 

Thank you to the following participants and supporters for representing the Bedell Firm:

  1. Andrea Bailey
  2. Erica Cruzat
  3. Gwandos Ward
  4. Hank Coxe
  5. Lidija Barauskas
  6. Tatyiana Ward
  7. Pat Warren
  8. Honesty Eddins

The Great Jacksonville Fire of 1901 began at Davis and Beaver Streets and spread to most of downtown Jacksonville. The devastating fire destroyed most of Jacksonville’s buildings, including the library. 

After Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie agreed to donate $50,000 toward the construction of a new library, Carnegie Library was constructed and served as Jacksonville’s main library branch from 1905 until 1965. The Jacksonville Library Building became home to the Bedell Firm in 1984. Learn more about the Bedell Firm building here.

The Bedell Firm is a long-time supporter of the Jacksonville Historical Society given its history and dedication to the city. Learn more about the Jacksonville Historical Society here

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