A Look at The Bedell Firm’s History

Bedell Firm building with 'Open to All' sign

With over 155 years of litigation excellence, the Bedell Firm has a fascinating and extensive history. Since 1865, our firm has remained true to our founding principles of providing comprehensive and professional legal representation to each and every client. 

The Bedell legacy continues to grow due to our team of skilled attorneys and paralegals. Visit our visual history timeline to learn more about the pivotal moments that have shaped our firm’s legacy over the years. 

The Bedell Firm

As the oldest law firm in continuous existence in the State of Florida, the Bedell Firm has a long-standing history of providing exceptional legal services to our clients. Our core practice areas include civil, criminal, and family law litigation. If you have a legal matter that requires a depth of experience and expertise, contact the Bedell Firm at (904) 353-0211.

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