Common Legal Disputes in the Construction Industry

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The construction industry, by its very nature, has many complex aspects that can lead to legal disputes and require the assistance of adequate legal representation to assist the various participants in the process through the resolution of many disputes.


The industry involves owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, manufacturers, suppliers, workers, insurance issues and more. The Bedell Firm has decades of experience handling construction dispute resolution including litigation, mediation, and arbitration in the Jacksonville community. Over many years of experience, the attorneys understand the legal issues within this industry.


Contract disputes are common within the construction industry. Breach of contract disputes among parties involved in a project can arise due to payment issues, defects, unexpected repairs, the costs to repair damages, diminution in value, alterations in a construction schedule, poor workmanship, or failure to fully or adequately perform.


It may take a legal intervention to resolve the contract dispute in a way that is just and fair for all involved parties. An attorney can analyze the contract in question, review the facts of the case, and help the client fight for fair and full compensation or another desired resolution.


A construction defect is usually understood to be a failure of a building system or a component that can cause extensive property damage and serious personal injury. A building defect can range from anything from failure as it relates to the stability of a building foundation, a failure of a product utilized in a system, or a system-wide failure relating to the project as a whole. It is up to the leaders of the project to develop a design, implement that design and to perform the work in a manner that ensures code compliance and quality control in order to minimize the risk of defects and losses.


The Bedell Firm has acted as counsel in numerous construction defect claims, including those related to structural components (steel, concrete, wooden), and as related to various product utilization issues in the construction process including items concerning exterior envelope components (roofing, windows, doors, siding), construction defect claims can also involve the interplay of insurance coverage issues for which the Bedell Firm has significant experience. The Bedell Firm’s attorneys have handled such claims for companies, developers, individuals from both the defense and plaintiff positions.



Construction design is critical to the overall efficiency and safety of the product. Failures during the design phase can result in a building that doesn’t meet the buyer’s reasonable expectations or that cause and result in significant property defects. Dangerous defects can potentially cause personal injury or property damage.


Negligence in the design of the construction projects, resulting in defects, require a team that has experience in dealing with professional negligence in this respect as it relates to building construction is somewhat of a specialty that requires the utilization of experts, the knowledge of insurance coverage, an awareness as to the limitations and requirements of such potential claim.

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