Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Griffis

Jennifer Griffis is a secretary at the Bedell Firm

Secretary Jennifer Griffis returned to the Bedell Firm in 2020.

Jennifer Griffis received her associate’s degree in business administration from American InterContinental University in 2007. Being a military wife and mother, Griffis was constantly moving around. Griffis worked as a secretary at law firms in Tennessee and St. Louis before moving to Jacksonville in 2011. She joined the Bedell Firm in 2013 as secretary working with managing director David Barksdale and Ashley Cox, director and lead counsel for the firm’s family law practice. In 2017, she left the firm for a position with the federal courthouse. While the role was engaging, she missed the family-focused environment at Bedell and the meaningful work they do for clients. She returned to the firm in 2020.

Personal History
Griffis was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Though she’s lived in a number of places, she loves her life in Jacksonville with her husband and their three children: a 14-year-old, 13-year-old and 1-year-old. Griffis enjoys watching The Office with her family—even the baby gets excited when he hears the opening credits. She’s also a true crime fan, always listening to podcasts or documentaries or reading books about true crime. 

Griffis has been working in law firms for 12 years since 2008, gaining significant experience in the legal industry. She considers her greatest professional accomplishment working at the Bedell Firm, Florida’s oldest law firm in continuous existence. She is dedicated and hardworking, and hopes to help in any way she can, upholding the reputation of the Bedell Firm in the community. 

The Bedell Firm
As the oldest law firm in continuous existence in the State of Florida, Bedell Firm has a long-standing history of providing exceptional legal services to our clients. Our core practice areas include civil, criminal, and family law litigation. If you have a legal matter that requires a depth of experience in the matter, contact the Bedell Firm at (904) 353-0211.

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